Telecom Removal Services

TITAN5500_REMOVAL2When our customers want to redeploy equipment in their network or central office equipment has come to it's life-end they utilize RaRa Telecom Supply's installation expertise to perform equipment removals and re-installations.

We specialize in LARGE central office removals. In the past year we have performed several extremely large and complicated central office removals which involved:

- last minute and expedited removals ( 12,000 sft in downtown Manhattan in 8 days )
- redeployment and refurbishing of switching equipment
- night time and weekend removals
- power plant removals
- battery plant recycling
- cable mining
- warehousing
- refurbishing of central office location
- generator removals


After our crews move your equipment off-site it usually ships to our North Carolina facility for redeployment refurbishing, sorting, storage and disposal. When our customers use our asset recovery services the whole process can actually become budget neutral.