RaRa Telecom Supply provides its customers with a perfect blend of telecom products from all major manufacturers. Click here for a complete line card.

Besides new equipment, we also give our customers the option to buy reuse/surplus equipment which often is your fastest and most cost effective solution. Are you looking for a specific part? Please check our equipment availability database. click here!

RaRa Telecom Supply’s equipment network ensures that we can find even the most obscure parts in our industry. Bottom line, if we cannot find it, it isn’t out there. RaRa says it all! ( Latin for unique and rare ) We will find your rare parts. Please call us today at 1-877-877-0872 or for our international clients +1-366-885-1234 or send us your request to

To connect your equipment we provide you with top quality custom cable solutions. Please check out our copper and fiber optic cable solutions.